Wednesday, November 12, 2014


WEll, allot has changed since I last wrote. 

We have moved (yes, again. but lord willing we will stay here for a long time). 

We still have a good amount of painting to do, but here are some photos of our home. 

The kids have the whole attic as a bedroom.
There are a few walls diving on section of the attic, and that is where my craft room and Evilyns room is. It is such a blessing to have so much space for the boys to play... (though I do not have photos of the entire room) 
This is one of the rooms we still have to paint... cuz, this purple just clashes terribly! 

We also need to paint our kitchen still... I love everything about it (especially the double oven!) except the ketchup, and mustard paint. ! (not shown in the photo) 

 We just finished painting the living room... In every house we have been in we have had green and brown... I thought it was time for a change... yellow and grey :D 

Evilyn has  also grown a good bit since my last post. 
she can almost sit up with out help. She is working on rolling over, and scoots pretty well these days. 
her new found thing is putting anything and everything in her mouth! yep! it starts... I will have super clean floors! haha!  
My "chunk-a-mup" has just grown out of her 3-6 month clothing... (she is not yet 5 months) and is wearing mostly 6 months (with a few 9 month thrown in! ) 

(said 9month outfit)

She loves to snuggle! 

Teething! and yet still happy! 

James just turned 4... 
He also just started preschool, and his learning has taken off! 
He and Evilyn seem to just get each other, and love to make each other laugh. 
James is also Jonathan's best  friend. Jonathan is a puddle of tears and sorrow while James is at school. 
(I take this time to cuddle Jon, and Jon only, so he doesn't feel left out. ) 

He Loves to "hold baby sister". 

My handsome 4 year old! 

They really love playing together. 

Jonathan is becoming more friendly and so very funny! 
He loves books, and could have you read to him for hours! 
selfie! hehe! 
This guy loves the camera! 

well, that is all for now. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Evilyn Elisabeth Rose

this was a couple days after she was born... 

 and this is where she spends most of her time... 

i cant believe she is a week old already! 

on our way home (day 1) 

day 2   her favorite thing to do is sleep! :D 

happy dreams! 

1 week old! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Update (sort of)

I know it has been a long time since my last post... life has been very busy... 

here's some photos of whats been going on lately... 

Taking Philemon to work is one of our favorite things to do... God always gives us such an amazing picture to look at! 

We recently got a kitten for James... and they love to play together! 

Thomas finished high school! 

i have been setting up Evilyn's side of the room. 

And i have been spending most of my time growing our much anticipated daughter Evilyn! 

14 ish weeks

25 weeks 

38 weeks and i cant wait to hold her! 

there is more, but i will leave you with this for now... 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sugar and spice

I am sooo pleased to announce... we found out who our little one is!

Meet Evilyn Elisabeth Rose... (well, sort of... she is camera shy... putting her hands in front of her face.  )

We specifically prayed for a daughter... God answered our request... Her names mean Prayed for, and given by the oath of God ... we thought it fit quite well...  the boys call her "baby Eva".
She seems to be a quiet girl... she doesn't kick a lot... but when she does... oy! she is strong!

While I love and wouldn't trade anything for my puppy dog tails.... I am excited to have some sugar and spice in my life!

Monday, February 17, 2014

For the Record....

I am just helping everyone out for the future... i have had  many comments (which i love!) that i could not post as i did not know who they were from... please leave you name! (especially if you are to comment about the appearance of  children in the photos i have taken... (most comments have been sweet, but its creepy sometimes when i don't know who they are coming from and therefore i dont post them... )

Monday, January 20, 2014

UPDATE! wohoo!

I think I am in dire need of updating my blog! yikes! It has been so busy.... 

I've not had much to post as I was lacking photos, and well, I like photos! haha! 

4 months ago we were happy to find out the Lord blessed us with another child! After miscarrying, it was hard to believe that this new pregnancy was real. I worried over every little thing, and I could not wait to peek at this little one just to be sure it was truly there.  I found myself having a hard time getting attached to the idea of being pregnant, almost like I was gearing up for disappointment. I had trouble actually getting into the Dr for all the "required" things. The lord used this waiting period to teach me to trust him more...  as soon as I gave up and trusted, I got my first apt! and... I got to peek at our newest blessing! 
I don't think I have ever been so excited to see and hear such wonder! with my boys, it was special, but honestly, not as much as this time...

In later news.... Philemon and I will be getting away this weekend for our 4th year honeymoon! (that it what we like to call them, always a honeymoon!) 

We have only been able to go on one anniversary get away so far! So I am super excited!  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

this will be short....

this is a short post.... 

I have been thinking about how blessed as a mom i am....  and as a child of God...

i am such an imperfect mom... but i am so thankful to have a perfect father.... who helps me with my children on those rough days... you know, the ones that are messy, and loud, and just plain crazy!... the ones where, you SOOOO just messed the whole day up.... 
God can fix it...
 i have learned in recent days, to ask my lord to help me BE with my children. there are days that i have literally said... "i so messed this up, Lord please fix this," or "i have no clue what to do, so, please let this be the right thing that i am doing... " 

i have found that these days are less and less, as i learn to give everything to God. 
it is the days that follow that bless me... seeing my children learn to love God, and seeing my husband encouraged to be what God wants him to be. 

i guess all im saying is..... im glad i have such a perfect father.. and im so glad i can run to him every day....
because i need him... EVERY day.