Wednesday, November 12, 2014


WEll, allot has changed since I last wrote. 

We have moved (yes, again. but lord willing we will stay here for a long time). 

We still have a good amount of painting to do, but here are some photos of our home. 

The kids have the whole attic as a bedroom.
There are a few walls diving on section of the attic, and that is where my craft room and Evilyns room is. It is such a blessing to have so much space for the boys to play... (though I do not have photos of the entire room) 
This is one of the rooms we still have to paint... cuz, this purple just clashes terribly! 

We also need to paint our kitchen still... I love everything about it (especially the double oven!) except the ketchup, and mustard paint. ! (not shown in the photo) 

 We just finished painting the living room... In every house we have been in we have had green and brown... I thought it was time for a change... yellow and grey :D 

Evilyn has  also grown a good bit since my last post. 
she can almost sit up with out help. She is working on rolling over, and scoots pretty well these days. 
her new found thing is putting anything and everything in her mouth! yep! it starts... I will have super clean floors! haha!  
My "chunk-a-mup" has just grown out of her 3-6 month clothing... (she is not yet 5 months) and is wearing mostly 6 months (with a few 9 month thrown in! ) 

(said 9month outfit)

She loves to snuggle! 

Teething! and yet still happy! 

James just turned 4... 
He also just started preschool, and his learning has taken off! 
He and Evilyn seem to just get each other, and love to make each other laugh. 
James is also Jonathan's best  friend. Jonathan is a puddle of tears and sorrow while James is at school. 
(I take this time to cuddle Jon, and Jon only, so he doesn't feel left out. ) 

He Loves to "hold baby sister". 

My handsome 4 year old! 

They really love playing together. 

Jonathan is becoming more friendly and so very funny! 
He loves books, and could have you read to him for hours! 
selfie! hehe! 
This guy loves the camera! 

well, that is all for now. 

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