Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my son!

sunday october 24th at 8pm was when it all started... church was over thank goodness! my water broke, and we headed to tacoma to get the antibiotics going (tested + for group b) then went home to "sleep".
waited for contractions to start... then went back to the "birthing inn" at 7am the next morning for more antibiotics ... still waiting for contractions to start. napped for a long time. finally the midwife came in and said if contractions don't start by 1 then we are doing castor oil, and "something else" to get them going.( edited for the guys) so we waited, and sure enough 1pm October 25th. came around. and after another round of antobiotics and a castor oil shake, contractions started full force :) 4 hours later with 45 min of pushing our son was born.  we had a water birth, and Philemon got to catch him.  :)
my dad did not know that we were naming him after my older brother on my dads side, so when he met james, it was really special.

then grandpa Rose came in and we sang "the never ending song". Bro. Rose would sing philemon to sleep with that song, so we wanted to pass it down. james went right to sleep.

now we are enjoying our new son, and praying to raise him for the Lord. he already has such a personality and he is only 2 weeks old :) right now he hums himself to sleep, and laughs in his sleep :) he loves to sit with daddy and watch him play his vidio games, and loves to look at daddy when he reads the Bible to him :)
he loved his daddy!