Saturday, June 29, 2013

day 2

day 2 went well
honestly it was too hot to eat much anyway.
i really wanted ice cream, and i found that Greek yogurt makes an excellent substitute!
and while i tecnically not supposed to have sugary foods... i did put a small bit of chocolate syrup in the yougurt, but im sure that is WAY less calories than actual icecream... :) 
i was unable to go walking but i did get out in the pool with the boys, and used my pull up bar to do some upside down situps, and a few pullups. (i cannot do many yet hehe)

tomorrow is my last day of phase one, then i will look forward to veggies and fruit! 
if anyone knows of a really yummy protein powder i would love input, cuz i can have skim milk on this diet, and would love to try my hand at making a protein smoothy with fruits, yogurt and milk.  all things allowed on the diet. (cuz its been hot you know:)

Friday, June 28, 2013

day one of breaking the wall

  i have hit a wall in my plan to be healthier... 
after a year, i reached my goal weight, and was feeling healthy, and fit... (i just needed some muscle..haha)
well, Jonathan weaned, and i gained 15 lbs... 
some may say (and have) that 15 isnt that bad... well, i feel slow, clogged, and yucky...
so its day one of breaking this wall i have seemed to hit...
im kicken' it into high gear... 
i found this diet that some family has done and ive seen great results from it... 
called the dukan diet 

there is a part that is free... and based upon it my goal weight is actually the weight i should be to be healthy... so, 
phase one = 3 days of pure protein, and only 1 tbsp oat bran.. plus a little extra water and 20 min walking every day... 
on Monday i will begin phase 2, where i get to add veggies, and up the oat bran. to 2 tbsp

day one, i feel energized and ready for the rest of the day... and i am so grateful for my husband sitting with the kids when he can so i can get out and walk! 
he is superman! and so encouraging with my goals to be healthy! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Its a party!

i will be sending out invitation just like this one, but wanted to get it out there early...

(i think if you click on the photo you will see it bigger... not sure... )

Sunday, June 23, 2013

a few more photos...

i finally have pick-able flowers growing in my yard! 

here is the lilies that have popped up... 

James and Jonathan decided that after the pool, they would play in the mud!

Jonathan also found out that mud is not chocolate!:) 

i love his face! 

just some fun with photo shop! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

a little bit of bragging bout my boys !

i know my boys arent perfect... but i feel so blessed to have them!

i love that i don't really have to worry about them being picky about food... they do have their moments when they just don't feel like eating, but its not usually for lack of liking the food, just not wanting to eat... 
Jonathan loves, loves, loves! vegetables... i tried to give him a cupcake on his birthday, and he turned his nose up, so i gave him peas, and he was happy... i though this was a fluke, but, he will always choose veggies over sweets... Elisha tried to give him a bakes good, and he didst want it... just now, i tried to give him chicken nuggets... and he ate a few, but as soon as i pulled out the carrots and broccoli, he said "ohhh! thank you! "
which brings me to my next point... Jonathan and James are learning to talk so well recently! 
Jonathan is trying his hardest to say the phrases that James can say... it is so cute to see him try... 
James also loves a variety of flavors, including SPICY! he loves foods that are a little spicy.... (dad is happy about this)
James can say "mom, may i have some please" with no trouble at all! and he can finally SAY sorry...
he can also repeat a lot of lines from his favorite things to watch, such as "to infinity and beyond!" 
he also is learning to sing his alphabet... while he knows them all he doesn't know them in perfect order yet. so i am happy he is starting to singe the song! its so cute! 

James is potty training... slowly, has been for a while, but now im trying to teach him not to go in his pull up... im thinking this wont happen till he is 3 because he still has trouble talking and telling me. 
Jonathan is following suit, and learning along with James... he can say pee pee, and know where to go, though he hasn't figured out that "yea!" is only for when you actually go potty, not just for sitting down. :)

James is helping out so much... some of his favorite things to do is take out nursery trashes to the big trash. he likes to help me clean the offices when i am able to. 
he just learned how to load up the wheel barrel with yard waste.
(now to get him to clean his room all the way...after 5 toys hes done.. haha!)
james also has this funny little quirk about him (which may have been my fault)... he has to have things just so... its not necessarily organized, or clean, but it is ALWAYS just the way he wants it... 
if i leave the trash can lid open, and ask him to throw something away, he often throws it away, starts to head off, then turns around and closes the lid... he is always having to shut doors, and close drawers.. its not all the time, but it is so funny... as i write this, he just walked in say my desk organizers drawers open, and shut them all, and said "oh thankyou!" which is also his way of making you grateful hehe!
Jonathan tried so hard to be his big brother... and it has been so fun seeing my boys grow and play together...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

just some fun stuff!

Life has had lots of summer fun lately! 

we recently bought a pool for the boys, i was a little apprehensive to buy it at first because of how much it cost, but it has paid for itself in sunny-relaxation-for-mommy days! oh.. and the kids like it too! 

love this smile! 

i have also been pleasantly surprised at how my gardening is coming along...
to some it may not seem like a big accomplishment... but seeing as i have never been able to grow anything.. id say this is pretty good... So glad to have a mother in law who knows how to garden! 

i have strawberries

and raspberries

 lettuce,spinach,tomatoes, broccoli 
(the cucumbers died, and the deer ate the bell peppers)

(apparently i also have weeds! yuck!)

oh, i also have rosemary, and a blueberry plant but i forgot to take photos of them. 

and i wont forget life's little funnies! 

like... jonathan deciding that a clean table is the best place to "vroom" his cars...

or James' way of putting his toys away... in my kitchen towel drawer... 

(as you can see, i need a few more towels HEHE!)

and my favorite way to entertain my kids without too much mess... 
paper ball wars! 

as you can see i shot down the fighter jet! i think i win this war!

well, that is all i have time for today... tune in next time for more Rose adventures... 
ooo... maybe i will change my blog title... naaa :)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My blessings cont.) (Happy father's day!

so i said i was saving my elaboration of how my father has blessed me until fathers day... well, it is a little late as i am a terrible writer... and there is a lot to write! 

Growing up, i learned alot of very valuable things from my father...

i learned to fix things! lots of things! ask philemon... i was the first one to use his tools after his tool party... he asked me where i learned how to fix X... and i always said, my dad showed me how. (Philemon fixes lots of things now for the record:)

i remember watching he and uncle Dave build a whole engine together... i will not say weather it ran or not... but i can tell you, i know what i piston is, and a head gasket, and piston rods, and spark plugs, and well you get the idea! 
i always asked dad things... and he always had an answer! :)

a fond memory i have is getting to be the one to ride in dad's old Chevy! oh how i miss that truck! when i smell motor oil i am reminded of how the inside of the truck smelled and my mine floods with the sound of the engine revving and gears shifting at just the right moments... i then remember how i wanted to be able to drive just like my dad! he was so good at driving big trucks! i was so excited when he would let me shift for him in the Chevy! i can say i never really had trouble driving a stick when it was time for me to learn, because he taught me from young what to listen for when shifting. he taught me how to drive well. and many times his advice has kept me safe... in that split second i can remember just what he taught me, and it has been crucial i do it! thank you dad for answering all those silly questions i had about you truck! 

with the memory of my dad being suck a good driver of big rigs... i think of my husband... and it just so happens that i am married a man who drives big truck for a living... just like my daddy! 

i also married a man who is caring when it comes to others... just like my dad! 
my dad is so sweet! always wanting to help others... always willing to lend a hand... 
i know if im ever in a pinch, i can ask him! and he will do his best to help...

My dad is a great grandpa! my boys love him.. and though he doesn't see them often (he is on the road driving those big trucks around) they know who he is! and love to see him... (even if they appear to be shy, they aren't!)   James often says "papaw? hello? please? " which means he wants to call him on the phone! and papaw is always willing to take a few minutes to talk to him, thought there is little actual talking on James part.:)

i am Proud to call Roy Simpson my dad! hes always there! hes always sweet! always telling me he is thinking of me... hes a good dad! 

James and jonathan say hi papaw! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

im needing a little advice!

SO... i have these flies! everywhere in my house,... they seem to be breeding in my windows! 
no mater how deep i calen they just keep popping up! 
i couldnt let jonathans cearal sit out while i made my coffee! by the time i was taking a sip... they were all over it! yucky!!!!
traps? swatter???  chemicals?  i want them gone! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Less about me...( cont.2)

since i started these post from the beginning, i figured i would keep sort of a chronological order of my blessing in life... this however is not to say that anyone, or anything is more important than the other, it just happened in that order(to the best of my memory!:)

i mentioned my parents and life growing up with my siblings... 
In between stages in my life... there were many friends, and Godly people who nurtured me. including my parents...

How blessed i feel to have, not only my family, but so many others to help me along the way through teen hood! and still today! 
As i said before, order of persons mentions doesn't not mean more or less importance:)

my youngest memory is of a still dear friend, "Aunt Mica" this is all ive known her as! 
i remember learning versed in awannas with her, and going on visitation with her. If my mom want available, i was always able to find her! i remember sitting on her lap, playing with my baby while she showed me how it was to be fed. :) This was all before the age of 6... we moved very far away! she moved too :(
I was so happy to find her on face book, and though i have since been rid of facebook, i can still email her! and it seems like we never changed in our relationship with each other! She amazes me with how she is so Godly through all the health needs in her family... Please pray for her and her son, they are ill often. She blesses my heart with her sweet attitude in it all. always giving a Godly reason to keep smiling!

i have what appear to be many aunts! but, really its not a name i give lightly! :)
Aunt Janinne! ive known her since i was 8! 
i remember , oy! a lot of things! I remember when donna was born! and the first time i got to babysit her! and it became a habit! i got to spent the night often! which meant... Flufa nuters! mmmm! 
and movie nights!, and learning to cook a few things! 
she taught me a very important thing though... 
If God gives you the desire to be hospitable... DO it! and don't let Satan stress you out about it! Love people! and make sure to have LOTS of food! Janinne is a very hospitable woman! i should know, i was there a lot! :) 

 Aunt Jackie! our friendship began with Visitation. I went out of my way to make sure i got to go with the Harpers. i learned how to make choices! and not be afraid of them. because God would help me through them, if i kept my eyes on him. i learned that is IS ESSENTIAL to have an Oreo and a dr. pepper with at least one breakfast and a superman show before school each month!
i learned that things getting hard doesn't always have to be the end of life! and that Gods word always has the answer... i just had to dig deeper, and look harder. 
and one day! i would not be a teen anymore... and i would have to be a big girl!
as not so willing to hear as i may have appeared, i took it all in! and i did learn! alot! i find little things i say sometimes that, if it doesn't sound like my mother, it sound like Aunt Jackie.

MRs Houston... If i wasn't at my house, or the Harpers, or the Broxtons... i was at the Houstons!
i babysat often! and i am most certain i needed her more than she needed me! many nights she stay up late just to talk with me... and share Gods word with me... she even got me to eat oatmeal! for it was something i hate with a passion! and a daily breakfast for them! HA! i eat it! but i still dont like it ;)
many closets we saw! counseling me about life... and how to plan for the future! what was important? God, and being a servant for him, in everything... and showing people his love! she showed me how to love people, by loving me! (i know i was a hard person to love! i was a teenager! )
i learned to trust God in everything... and am still asking her questions! and she is still so willing to share her wisdom with me!
Her children have blessed me as well! Naomi! i can honestly say i NEVER say lots of things i used to say! (not saying it! ) she was my bridle if you will! always reminding me how to hold my tongue... though i was technically the "one in charge" i learned more from these kids than i ever expected to!
Anna! how to smile! all the time, no matter what! and how to make fun of basically everything!
I learned from the rest in very unique ways..  some of which were how to handle certain things.
Daniel would say i learned where every corner in the house was! cuz i sent him there alot! heheh!
there are some many! I have not room to write each down~ just know they all blessed me in their own way! ;) 

there are also many friendships i am building now that have been such a blessing to me...
and i am Glad i have people to help me! God knew i need them!
they are not afraid to tell me what is really important! God, his word, people, and reaching them for Christ!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Less about me... More about my blessings (cont)

Next on the list... 
my siblings:

Together, we were a might army. Most times it was for good, some not so good! 
We rallied together to give mom all the things "mommies are supposed to have". 
such as heart attacks, grey hairs, hugs and kisses, and chocolate! 
(ask any one of my siblings, we were always buying her chocolate!)
we would lock each other in buckets, or closets ( heart attack for mom... check! )
we would climb trees as tall as our house (another heart attack! double the points! )
we made the biggest messes out of the littlest things. (grey hairs... check!)

we also loved (and still do) doing things for God together... 
we went visiting, sang, read Gods word. we were a team... 
(its a little harder now that some have moved and such.)

 my siblings were blessings to me growing up... and they still are. 

Daniel: when mom brought him home... he was "my baby" not mom's...
when he was about 2 he chased me around the room with his remote Thomas the train, which my boys now love to play with! there was one time he dropped a rock on my head... and then... ok, just kidding, he wasn't all bad! he made me tough! we would fight one minuet, and the next plot our newest adventure into the woods! he was no sissy! and still isn't. he loves to play with my boys, and rough 'em up" and i cant wait to see his future now that he has moved! 

Hannah: she was the "Balance" to most everything... i was so happy to see a pink blanket in mommy's arms the day she came home, (though it did take a while to find the baby! tiny little thing that she was! )
she was so calm! and such a girl! she was the other half of me! literally!  she made me girly, and made me think of things on the other side of it! (and it was usually good! ) which is why she and i agree that she can keep that part of my brain for when i need it! 
she watched everything, and knew when to keep silent. i never could! heheh! 
Hannah has a tremendous desire to serve God!she has the Joy of the Lord! and she always has a shoulder ready for me when i need it! ;)

Thomas: The first baby i remember actually being big enough to care for... 
He was the bright side of everything! (and still is)... no matter the situation, there was always a good side, always a sliver lining... and ALWAYS a "God is in it" attitude.  us kids often were jealous of him cuz it seemed that he never go in trouble, but that was just because he was never really grumpy... really! i don't even know if i remember him crying as a baby.
His love for music has been a huge blessing! it is so sweet to see Jonathan sit in his lap, as they share a love for music!I love his love for music, and use it often! ha! 
 Sweet Thomas... always sweet!

Rebekah: My girl! almost in every way...  i remember loving that i was the oldest! and old enough to baby sit her! she was my "mommy training".  She would wake up crying, and i would pull her into bed with me... i was always doing my best to protect her from anything and everything! (to a fault at times, cuz she probable got tired of never being able to do dangerous things) i remember being about 10 or 11, we had a big earth quake... well, that kinda shook me up, so my dad had some fun the next day and woke me by shaking my bunk bed... my first though was "grab Rebekah and find a safe place"... Rebekah is all the things i was, in her own way... S
she is crafty! (and she can draw! no fair!) she love music, as do all of us. she is unique! and will let you know! she has spunk! and So beautiful! she is a strong girl! which i pray will be used for God in her future! 
i have the joy of having her around often! i help her with school, she helps me when my body reminds me of just how old i am getting!  we make a good team.