Friday, March 29, 2013

Because sometimes i just need a break!

For the record, i have never tried this before...

i brought the car seats in to wash them while daddy is out using the car as a dump truck! HA! 

the boys decided they wanted to sit in them! and mommy needs to get some house work done before daddy gets home...
creativity kicks in! and poof! 
i have a awesome entertainment system! 

car seats keep them in one spot., and the movie keeps them happy! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

So excited!

I have been wanting to get my boys tools of their own but could not bear the price of them at toys are us and other stores.... 
i came across this at good will! i HAD to buy it! i found it in it's tool box form... and thought "wow, all these tools, in their own box, and they look like daddy's! " 

little did i know it turned into a bench that they can build on their own (when they are older) and it comes with another project that you can build... (its missing one piece but that's ok)

AND!!! it was $6!  i love the price! 
James isn't as thrilled with is as Jonathan is! Jonathan loves it! he's already figured out a few of the things it can do! he's my crafty one i think!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Over load!

just catching up on life via photos :)

Rebekah and i had some fun with the mirror! 
its like an optical illusion in person, because when you do it it feels like you are really floating when you are not! HEHEH!

                                                     Valentines day roses from Philemon!

A trip to the mall for some play time!  this is his thing 1 hairdoo! 

Oh look! it's thing 2!

  i personally love this shot! yes its blurry but oh such personality is captured! good job Sissy! 

We are working on painting and reorganizing the boys room! 
everything i need for getting ready to go somewhere,all in the same place! 

Sunday morning prep! The rule... you must dress the boy assigned to you before you can get to your clothing! HEHE! 

More Organizing! loving that im finally able to have a play corner in my living room! the toy table will have a chalkboard lid made by daddy!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

well, i know what it isn't !

Sunday i randomly started twitching! i though it was just something odd, but then it got worse... i sat through service then went home.
After looking online to see why i might be so twitchy :) i drank a ton of Gatorade...
this helped and the twitching all but went away... i say this because it did not completely go away...
Monday morning we decided to go help Susan with her new house... by the time we got there i couldn't stop twitching! oy! it was really weird....

we thought maybe i needed a back crack, and went to Tacoma (our chiropractor) and got an adjustment... well, that didnt work, so on to ER  Because it was seeming to be an added symptom to all my other unknown head issues HA! 

after an MRI, and labs... i know what i don't have... which in a way helps narrow things a little toward an answer.

my thyroid is normal, no infections, there is nothing wrong with my head that an MRI would read... and i was not fighting any kind of infections... 

3 times they asked me (before running any tests if MS runs in the family... i don't know if it does or not... they said an MRI would have picked up some damage if i did have this (but this was the only thing that usually explains all the odd things going on) but it didn't show anything... however i was twitching during the whole MRI... so i am hoping they got a good scan:)

labs showed that after 60 oz of Gatorade the night before, that my potassium was still a tad low. (just under normal. ) they said that i was just really sensitive to it being low, or it was really low before i got there... they gave me a potassium drink and sent me home. 

the twitching still hasn't gone away, we are thinking that somewhere i am loosing a lot of potassium because before Sunday i had been drinking green juice (spinach and other potassium filled veggies) and drinking Gatorade, and taking  magnesium... yet i was still low in potassium. all the potassium in the world is not helping. i still twitch, just not as bad is i keep loading up on the electrolytes.
there is no known reason why i would be loosing it so fast. and loosing enough to make me twitch...
ugh... im kinda just wishing for answers that arent what isnt the problem. but i at least know the important things are in check :)

so for now i wait, and i am sorry in advance for you church members... im twitchy :) hehe!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My very own!

I have my own "woody and Buzz Lightyear!"

recently James and Jonathan have been obsessed with the Toy Story movies...

  we found a really great deal on these cute jammies! 
i love them!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More waiting....

Good news! i was able to get an appointment with a new neurologist!and the cost wont be too bad either... ... 
Bad news, i cannot get in to see anyone until April 26th... almost 2 months away. 
my head issues are getting really bad! im not having any good days anymore... 
I dont know how this is Going to turn out, but i am praying i can get an earlier apt... 
i am on a waiting list in case there are any cancellations. 
I have to be honest... this is getting hard to handle... 
some of the things i experience are difficult to deal with. On my really bad days, i cant  speak well, hold things, or write as i should. i wake up very tired, and that in and of itself is hard with toddlers. :(
im praying that this is just God teaching me patience, and if not, that he will give me an earlier appt. 
 im really learning to let God be my strength, and let my husband be that too. 


Sorry about all the jumbled designs and such... im working on changing the style of my blog, and it is hard to finish with toddlers :) off to the mall to let them run around then back home to finish up this jumbles mess of girly things:)