Thursday, February 28, 2013

because people are asking....

a few weeks ago i saw a dr. about some head issues... he told me he was sending me to a neurologist because he though i might be having "absence seizures". its description is as it reads. 

after seeing the neurologist, who was told i was seeing him for headaches, i was told that given my history?! i was having migraines. i folded and took his advise. sort of. 
while waiting for the Rx to be called in. i have had a few more added issues... 
and i am going to be looking into a second opinion. 

long story short. im not really sure what is wrong. and i am being shuffled around with opinions from drs. without having had any tests done because we do not have health insurance for me until may. 

I will be looking into the costs of seeing a different neurologist that will listen to all of my symptoms. 
and we will see how it plays out from there. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

That moment:)

That moment when you are cleaning out the office, and you pick up your husbands guitar and hear "rattle rattle" and find a chip, and a piece to one of your toddler's games in it! HEHE! it made me smile!
I love having Kids!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

life has been busy:)

The last few weeks has been busy... but fun.:)
We had a birthday party for Jonathan last Friday. it was so fun! he fond a bow and didn't want to open the rest of his gifts... James also decided he had to teach Jonathan how to use all of his new toys... (to be fair, they were age 2-3 toys so they were right up James alley )
then.. it was time for cake (cupcakes) which to my surprise... Jonathan did not want!
(I had a video of it but I cannot seem to find it. )

Saturday our washer gave out... we took a look at it to see if we could fix it, and the part will cost about as much as it will to buy a used one... so its looking like we will have mismatching washer and dryer:( oh well. heheh:) 

Yesterday we received James A.F.O's (ankle braces) and he loves them! (I am glad about this, because I was really hoping he would not hate them the whole time he had them and be miserable) he trots around our house like hes so proud of himself! 
(this is basically what they look like... his just have dino straps. )

On Monday i went to see the dr for some odd things that had been going on this past year and a half.... I ignored them and just thought I was having migraines... then they started getting worse, and started making me tired... so we decided not to wait until may to go see a dr. (may is when I have insurance through Philemon's work...) (just to clarify.. my mother panicked a few people with information that was just an idea of what it might be... I had not yet seen the dr.)
however... the dr IS sending me to a neurologist because he said he is pretty sure im having seizures... 
nothing huge... he just doesn't think they are migraines. he also said he thought that this might have been going on for a while, but I never noticed till they got worse... 
for now I am waiting for the neurologist to call me with an app to see him. then I will know more...
so for now i get to trust God and keep on as normal :) 

Rebekah is doing a superb job in her schooling! she is on track! she is growing and learning! 
having her here has been a huge blessing! we have had a lot of bonding time, and I have greatly appreciated her help:) 

Today I have the blessing of getting to go to Jackie Harper's  to do laundry:) yippie! clean clothing! heheh...
I am also going to be looking at some used washers... 

 Tomorrow our new stove will arrive! I super excited to cook bigger meals and have more people over! 

This stove has 2 big burners! now I can boil noodle, and cook chicken at the same time... any one up for chicken Alfredo? hehe! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

James is learning Responsibility :)

Lately james has seen us feed the cat, and has decided that he should take over feeding the cat :) 

i find him doing this often... he knows where the food is kept, and whenever he can, he will sit down, and hand feed our cat. :)

here's a video :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1 year old!

yesterday Jonathan turned 1 year old!
how time has flown... i was looking at a video of him when he was bout 2 days old! he was so little... and long! 
so floppy! he had DARK hair! and huge feet! 

one year later... he is super strong! (he can do pull-ups on our pull up bar) he has been walking for a month now! and he has super blond hair...

his favorite things are... 
Mommy, drink (his word for nursing) and walking! 
he thinks he is cool when he picks up something in each hand and toddles around with pride! 
he had a wild temper but is easily turned:) he is usually a happy fella' but if mommy leaves at the wrong time... oh boy! we have to work on this before couples retreat!

he still gets up at night for a drink, but has recently been going to bed without a Binky! YEA! 

his words are... pretty much endless! he will repeat anything he hears, so be careful! 
(ask Kaitlyn pickens! she was reading a book, and said Donald duck... and he repeated it! almost as clear! )

his favorite phrase as of late is "whats dat!? " and if you ask him who James is he says.. "dat jay!" 
it is soo odd to hear him speaking for his own! he will often say "mom!"  "yes baby?" "drbrblele da da, wats dat?" and so on with his hands waving in the air... 

he also thinks he can talk to our cat... he walks up to the cat and says "mow! moooow! mow! "

we need to have one year photos done of him... hopefully i can take some, but i might go have them done this time because my camera is acting up. 

here is the most recent photo we have of him....