Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a thought for today...

I am thankful that God gave me the sense of smell!
why? many reasons!, but today just one:)

I love when im cleaning house, and i find my husband has left a hoody, or T shirt lying, and i pick it up and smell him! oh such a nice smell! im so glad i get to experience this! hes here, even while at work, and i get to enjoy picking up after him !HA! its so comforting! i remember feeling this while courting! hed spray a hoody with his guy smelly stuff, and i would take it home, and wear it, sleep with it... it went everywhere with me! he hasn't changed his smelly stuff! so it brings back so many memories! and i still put on the hoodies he leaves around the house... smelling it! mmmm! 
so glad i can smell!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

play pals this week.

I'm planning another outing with my boys...
i really liked how well james and jonathan played, and slept! hehe!
i think i would like to go to castle park, but i need an address (JEANNE!) heheh
im thinking that 1:30 or 2 pm might work out better for people... (i think last time was too early)
im also thinking that bring things for lunch would be a good idea, cuz the kids got hungery last time..
i will bring stuff for sandwiches... (youll have to bring your own gluten free stuff cuz im prone to accidents with it HA! )

post or text if ur coming:) 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

James and Jonathan need some play pals!

im working on trying to set up a play date... monthly.. 

wondering what dates will work for the west side mommy's 

First week, last week, of the month?... every other month...?
really anything..:) . they just get bored being all by themselves.. and love playing with others...(ok really its just Jonathan that does... im working on james!HA!)

also the weather is getting nicer, and we have a park close by...

a few places i was thinking of is the silver dale mall play place (free!)
and the park behind our house (free!)
there is also a park in port orchard that they really like (FREE!)
thank you Donna Broxton for showing me this!
ideas...places... needs to be free, im willing to travel to some! 
I figured that these three place at least, allow for some from paulsbo, and from port orchard, and bremerton to join every once in a while... without having to travel too far.
i dont know... maybe im the bored one! 
i havent been out of the house with james buddies' moms in a while! 
plus im trying to break out of myshell and be alittle more social... ok... maybe i already am.
 but anyway! 
 text me if you can't post a comment.
and pass along to those who dont have my blog.

i think it was a fluke!

im thinking that day one was just a fluke... i dont think he is quite ready... maybe a few more weeks... we will see... i will keep trying, but not going to push it to fast...

its more like a hit and miss, sometimes hes telling me. other times, hes not wanting to go... other times he looks confused...

i think i am confused too... i dont know if he needs to be able to tell me, or if just sticking with a schedule, (like i have to do with everything else) is the best way... i will try again next week. and again until i can find what helps him learn.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

day 3

day 3... um... i think a break... cuz i need the trainers... the diaper is only encouraging him to wait...
tomorrow we will be able to get the training pants, and will start a new day. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

End day one- day two...

We began day one of potty training with telling James to go every half hour, had a mostly dry diaper all day. (he wet during nap). We ended with James rushing to the potty saying "OH NO! PEE!" and going on his own... 

today i am trying a pair of training pants because he was pretty much dry all day... i just have to remember to take him often enough... i didn't realize how little a toddlers bladder is! HA! 
hes already gone this am and is still dry so far! 
yippy! for now... he seems to be training himself... and i am pleasantly surprise at how easy this seems to be considering...

Jonathan is also very interested... every time i tell James to go pee... Jon follows and tries after James is done... he also gets a reward for being interested :) im a little shocked at this... yet hopeful that i might be able to training them both pretty close together:) (i know Jonathan has a little ways to go )

we will see how the day goes... and with another potty trip for James... i leave:) 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Day one of potty training...

well, its into day one of potty training... so far hes has gone on demand, but is a little distracted... so today we are working on consistently going, and trying to get him to tell me more...

we need to buy training pants yet... for now we are using his diaper... he likes slow change... 
he gets overwhelmed if i try too fast... 
so i guess a lazy day today just to get him used to going all the time, and used to having to stop his movie/play time to go pee! :) 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's one of those days!

one of those days when you wash your couch cover twice because your kid gets peanut butter on it right after you pulled it out of the dryer and put it on the couch. 
one of those days when you wash the windows 3 times, because your kid thinks that the peanut butter smiley face is the new window art...
one of those days when you sweep 5 times, because, you have to sweep every morning cuz it bugs you, then you make coffee, and you sweep again, then the kid spills lunch, and spreads it everywhere,so you sweep again, then daddy comes home for lunch, and burns his toast, and scrapes the burnt stuff "into the sink" which is really on the floor, so you sweep again... hehe, you get it now right?

one of those days where you bathe the kids 2 times (even after a baby wipe down) because they are just that dirty! 

yea! its one of those days :) but i love these days! it means my babies are close! and not afraid to get dirty! 

many of you may wonder why my kid is running around with peanut butter... well, i think he has figured out how to open the jar,(or daddy left it open after his bedtime snack) he can climb the counters, to put it out of his reach will put it out of mine! :D, and we dont have 2 highchairs to put them in for pb sandwich day... (or there would be 2x the mess!)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

are we ready yet?

im kind of needing tips... James is really consistent in being able to go potty if i tell him to go.
he recently started grabbing at his diaper, and we have been able to take him a few times before he goes in his diaper, and he also say when he has gone... should i start training him?
if yes i really need tips! my biggest issue will be his communication skills... he is still catching up in his verbal skills. he is able to learn, and do things, and be consistent, he just has trouble expressing, or telling me what's going on...(because he is still learning to talk). should i wait until he can? or do i go with it as it is now, being that he goes when i ask him to, and is able to feel when he needs to and i can tell him to go if he grabs his diaper, and we usually make it? then there is the night time... do i do it all at once, or do i work on the day time first, then night time... what about when we are out? i don't want to push him, but i don't want to hold him back either... 

Monday, April 8, 2013

liked it, so ill try it.

1. Where is your cell phone? um... not sure, dead somewhere in my room.
2. Where is your homework? in the past, never to be seen again! unless of course i am able to go to nursing school in the far future.
3. Your hair color? honey /brown
4. Your mother? Teresa Simpson
5. Your father? Roy Simpson
6. Your favorite thing? Clean! everything Clean!
7. Your dream last night? didnt have any, but if i did it would be a world where we eat skittles, and burp butterflies!
8. Your dream/goal? To help meet my husbands goal to be in ministry some day.
9. The room you're in? Our office
10. Your hobby? Cleaning! and crafting things For girls i have adopted since i dont have any yet.
11. Your fear? Bees! and drowning.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? mother of more children, (maybe even a girl!) and closer to if not in ministry.
13. Where were you last night? church
14. What you're not? perfect!
15. One of your wish-list items? a pathfinder! or a Tahoe! or realy anything bigger than our current car, and more kids to put in it!
16. Where you grew up? bremerton,/port orchard WA
17. The last thing you did? cleaned the boys room.
18. What are you wearing? Purple converse, house cleaning jeans, and Philemon's super soft hoody, soaked in his smelly stuff!
19. Your TV?  big, and bright, and mounted on the wall, currently playing toy story.
20. Your pets? pumpkin, our ever faithful hunter of anything that doesn't eat him first!
21. Your computer? um... not sure, its worth about $1,000, and built by Philemon, (so it didnt cost that much cuz he's that good!)
22. Your mood? feeling guilty for spending so much time answering questions, when i could be cleaning. :)
23. Missing someone? my husband... and a good friend. (husband works alot, and i get him all to myself on firday! )
24. Your car? tiny! dirty, old, and worn out! but reliable:)
25. Something you're not wearing? earrings.
26. Favorite store? Goodwill
27. Your loves? Christ, my husband, watching my kids learn,cleaning, and trying new things.
28. Love someone? besides my husband, and family... i could think of a few... but the list is too longs... so, church family!
29. Your favorite color? green
30. When is the last time you laughed? when james said "i want a buzz!" just a few min ago.
31. Last time you cried? yesterday, was thinking of many dear friends who are hurting... (but i always cry! so. HA!)

New Found Fun.

I have been enjoying some new fun things with my boys recently, and i thought i would share...

he has discovered big boy things!  he has found that he likes mud, and is always asking me to make him some mud. he is an odd boy though, he doesn't play in it with his hands.(he steps in it) he has never likes his hands being dirty... he always says "ewe! Gross!" and wipes in on his pants... which is hilarious when its Sunday and he falls and gets dirt on his hands right before church! yep, he probably will always have dirt on his pants! :)

he has also recently found that he can climb my counters, and he can reach both the bread and peanut butter. he started bringing it to me, and so i took advantage, and we are teaching him to make his own sandwiches. so far, he is doing well for a 2 year old! :)
he also loves to fed his kitty, and pet his kitty, and cuddle with his kitty. but is you ask him if he likes his kitty, he replies "a dog?!" "i wan, DOG"! so, im hoping we are able to have a dog soon, because he loves to care for his kitty, but wants a dog :)
he also has learned bits and pieces of his ABC song! which im totally excited to be able to share with him! he loves music! and is finally able to learn songs! 

Jonathan! oy! so many new things! 

his favorite, as if all you nursery workers didn't already know!, is telling people no! 
most of the time he means well, you ask him something and he will say no if he doesn't want it, but he also doesn't like to obey, so... he tells you no!:) hehe! he also can say yes mam, so this helps with being able to teach him when it is appropriate to say no.

he has discovered the outside! and loves it! the first few times were funny, as he did not want to walk on the unfamiliar ground... but now he runs all over the yard.

as you all may have heard on Sunday, Jonathan is realizing that people have names, and Hannah is one he knows! (he called her out from the choir, he keeps saying "NANA! NANA!  "
he also loves Rebekah, he walks around the house when she is gone saying "SISSY!" 

he is also learning to color. not sure how i feel abut this yet, as my walls have been many times a canvas for toddler doodles  (thank you magic erasers!)

he has also discovered that daddy is waving his hands about when he sings! so that is a new thing to copy recently! i love that the boys want to be like daddy! 

well im sure there is more, but my boys are in need of some play time while i am in need of some house work! 
so with that i leave for now.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Thought popped!

a thought popped into my head just now... 

as a child i was always encouraged to pray for my future husband... that he would be raised with the right qualities, and that he would be the man God wants him to be... that he would be maturing in Christ, and be growing in his knowledge of Gods word....

then as a teen, i was still encouraged to pray for him, now that i know him, to be growing in Christ, and that he would be a man of God... to pray for his needs, physically, and spiritually.
and i did... 

then i got married.... 
and .... 
i didn't feel the need to pray for his needs... i was married to him... he was who i was going to marry...

why did it stop?

it shouldn't! 

and so... i have determined to continue praying for him...
for his needs, physically and spiritually...
that he would continue to grow in Christ.... and be a Man of God...
it doesn't mean he isn't... just that i should never stop praying for him...

just being honest... :)