Monday, March 10, 2014

Sugar and spice

I am sooo pleased to announce... we found out who our little one is!

Meet Evilyn Elisabeth Rose... (well, sort of... she is camera shy... putting her hands in front of her face.  )

We specifically prayed for a daughter... God answered our request... Her names mean Prayed for, and given by the oath of God ... we thought it fit quite well...  the boys call her "baby Eva".
She seems to be a quiet girl... she doesn't kick a lot... but when she does... oy! she is strong!

While I love and wouldn't trade anything for my puppy dog tails.... I am excited to have some sugar and spice in my life!


  1. Super excited for you!!! Sugar and Spice is nice!!!!!!!!

  2. Grandma's pink Rosebud....LOVE !!!

  3. ill remind you of that when she gets older ;) haha